Raised in NYC in a family of 8, Dan Reyes learned at a young age the value of integrity, hard work, and creativity. At 11 years old, he delivered newspapers to 56 homes for the Staten Island Advance every morning at 5 am. He continued that degree of work ethic during his studies at the University of South Florida. His educational background in psychology and business management translated into a highly successful career in the financial services industry. Years of hard work in the finance sector enabled him to apply his commitment to excellence in the corporate world where he earned over 35 awards for performance, leadership and innovation.

For nearly a decade, Mr. Reyes’ unparalleled work ethic to the practice of jury research, creative design, and technology has positioned him to effectively lead his diverse team of Litigation Consultants, Graphic Designers, 3D Animators, Medical Illustrators, Video Production Pros, IT experts and experienced Courtroom Trial Technicians on every level. His company is routinely retained for cases in nearly every area of practice by law firms and corporate counsel from coast to coast including Hawaii. His exceptional commitment to the art and science of trial consulting and litigation support has consistently yielded favorable results for his clients nationwide.

Mr. Reyes’ devotion to his faith, family and community transcend into his philanthropic work. His fundraising and awareness campaigns include non-profit organizations like Autism Speaks, Fight SMA (Spinal Muscular Atrophy), Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and Lawyers To The Rescue.   

Mr. Reyes uses his expertise and foresight to proactively address problem areas of each case in order to fully prepare his clients for hearings, mediations and trials. He trains, motivates, and leads his team to ensure that there is no stone unturned as it relates to every detail of each case. Five things you can count on receiving when retaining his company’s services include integrity, commitment, passion, energy and accomplishment. 

Amy Singer, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist who is an expert in statistical methodologies, data analysis, and applied research. Dr. Singer is credited with the founding of one of the first trial consulting firms in the U.S. in 1979. Singer is a pioneer and nationally acknowledged authority in the field of litigation psychology, a discipline that provides jury selection, focus groups, social media analytics, shadow juries, venue studies, witness preparation and trial strategy. Singer continues to serve as a popular and prolific author, trial consultant, and speaker contributing her expertise to national publications, broadcast media, legal associations and high-profile cases such as the Kerry Kennedy, Casey Anthony, Dr. Kevorkian, Michael Jackson, William Kennedy Smith and O. J. Simpson trials. 

Singer has written numerous professional articles on litigation research, trial consulting, trial presentation, voir dire, jury focus groups, witness preparations and related topics. These articles have been published in leading legal and trial magazines, including Trial, Trial Lawyers Quarterly, The Practical Litigator, Trial Diplomacy Journal, Leader's Product Liability, Law Office Economics & Management, Wiley Expert Witness Update, The Law Works, and many others. She also authored The Psychologist and the Jury, Matthew Bender Publishers. 

Singer is the co-author of the three-volume Trials and Deliberations: Inside the Jury Room, a compilation of transcriptions and analyses of mock jurors' real-life discussions concerning every conceivable civil trial proceeding, including numerous medical malpractice areas, as well as cases concerning defamation, slip and fall, products liability, commercial disputes, and many more. The book was the first of its kind to provide actual juror deliberations regarding virtually every cause and/or action for civil trial disputes, as well as professional commentary interpreting the significance of the case-by-case deliberations. Shepards/McGraw-Hill published the book in 1992. Additionally, Singer has been a contributing author to the Wiley Expert Witness Update, published by Wiley Law Publications. 

In addition to her many bylined articles and books, Singer and/or her professional practice have been cited in numerous publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, Ladies' Home Journal, The Boston Globe, The Miami Herald, Fort Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, Orlando Business Journal, St. Petersburg Times, Los Angeles Daily Journal, San Francisco Daily Journal, The American Lawyer, The Miami Daily Business Review, and Lawyers Weekly USA.  

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in Miami, Cintia Calevoso is highly regarded in the legal community. Cintia began her career in psychology and after receiving her Bachelor of Arts degree, went on to pursue a career in law. Cintia is a licensed attorney in the State of Florida and the United States Southern District of Florida. 

Cintia’s litigation consulting experience includes preparing witnesses for depositions and trial testimony, a deep understanding of the scientific jury selection process and trial strategy, coordinating focus group/mock trial research exercises, and preparing focus group/mock trial reports.  Cintia has consulted with attorneys throughout the country to advise on trial strategy and theme development in the following areas: medical, legal, and accounting malpractice, complex commercial litigation matters, patent infringement, securities fraud, products liability, premises liability, personal injury, contracts, and criminal defense. 

In addition to her work as a consultant and attorney, Ms. Calevoso is passionate about and personally invested in the world of arts and entertainment. She is a philanthropist and musician. Throughout the years, she has performed with various orchestras throughout South Florida as a flautist. Currently, she is actively involved in the Miami arts scene, serving on the Executive Committee of the Friends of the New World Symphony. 

Cintia is an incredibly well-rounded individual who brings immense value to every project. Her attention to detail and work ethic are unmatched and have allowed her to develop a keen ability to identify what will make a difference with any audience. She is a creative problem-solver who is committed to putting forth the required effort to achieve results, doing so with an incomparable level of integrity.