Video Production

Our video production and post-production team brings a combined 50 years of cinematography experience with works created for use in civil litigation, broadcast television, journalism, corporate marketing, and promotional packages. Our distinct style and technical know-how will lend a high-end look to to your project, while maintaining a strong emphasis on storytelling and brand.

Video Depositions -  Professionally produced, procedurally correct recording in compliance with all Federal and State Rules of Civil Procedure.

Settlement Videos - Journalistically styled and shot, our documentaries address the numbers and the real human tragedy of your case so insurance adjusters understand why they shouldn't go to trial. Scripted, edited stories include interviews, graphics, appropriate visuals, and narration. 

Day-In-The-Life Videos - Our edited stories show the tragedy of the plaintiff's injury, adjustment, and every day struggles by using interviews, well-executed videography, and natural sound recording. Our heartfelt visuals are exactly what the court and jury need to see to fully understand the pain, damage, and financial burden caused by a defendant's negligence.

Site Documentation - Time coded digital videography and photography for defective products, accident scenes, etc.

Compulsory and Independent Medical Examinations - Contact us to request a county coverage list of areas we service. 

Trial Preparation - Filming of mock trials, online focus groups and jury deliberations. Also witness preparation videos with attorney and client. 

DVD preservation of video and audio evidence - Ideal for cases when appeals can go on for years and you need to preserve information.   


Trilogy Trial Consultants employs experienced photographers to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality results. Photography is an art that shouldn't be left to untrained assistants or associates.  It's been said that you only have 24 hours to capture photos of your scene or else you subject yourself to changes or missing items from your scene. Our photographers can respond immediately to your request and be deployed within minutes. Our experience documenting aerial, aviation, maritime, and automotive incidents is extensive. Our experience has taught our photographers to capture accident scenes and injuries in a manner that leaves nothing to the imagination. Regardless of the need, we have the response time, talent and equipment to tackle any project of any size.